$29.95 Oil Change 3 Great Services for one Spectacular Price! Oil change includes up to 5 qts of 10w30 motor oil and new oil filter. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars/light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...] Free AC Check • Test and record vent temperature
• Gauge and record freon pressures
• Inspect components for visible leaks
• Check hose fittings & compressor
• Run performance test
*Service includes 5-step process listed above. Any additional parts or labor as well as Freon is extra. Cannot combine with any other offer.
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Wheel Alignment

Your steering system involves many finely balanced and aligned parts. It is surprisingly easy to knock them out of alignment. The Driver's Auto Repair team wants to help you keep your wheels aligned properly by using our advanced tools and equipment to get your car driving true. Our Conroe customers deserve to be driving a great car, we’re prepared to give our customers the cars they deserve.

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment? Here are the tips, directly from our team at Driver's Auto Repair:

  • uneven tire wear, especially if it is more prominent towards the outer edges
  • signs of drifting to one side while you’re driving straight
  • your steering wheel vibrating
  • an off center steering wheel while you are driving straight

Don’t ignore these signs. You may be able to drive around Conroe with no problem, but it will have to be fixed eventually and sooner is better than later. The Driver's Auto Repair team has saved people all kinds of money with their expert wheel alignment services. Call up our support staff today if you feel that you may need one.

Our repair team will carefully manipulate the toe, caster, thrust and camber of your steering and suspension system. These may be terms that you associate with sports cars, but they are just as relevant to your family car as you drive around Conroe as they are to any high performance car. Don’t delay, call up Driver's Auto Repair for your wheel alignment today!